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Walking Gun best guns project produced for the Gun Room and country store in Ivybridge. Featuring Brownings best 24-2-21-8979.jpg

Welcome to Walking Gun Field Sports Photography, your premier destination for bespoke photographic services tailored to clients and brands deeply immersed in the world of country pursuits. From the tranquil waters of fishing to the rugged trails of climbing, the adrenaline-filled shoots of hunting to the graceful rides of equestrianism, and the majestic sails of yachting to the historic allure of motorsport, our expertise spans a wide array of endeavors.


Based in picturesque Devon in the midst of Dartmoor national park in the United Kingdom, but with a global reach, we are passionate about capturing the essence of client adventures across the UK, Europe, and beyond. Whether it's a shoot, show, race, ride, or adventure, contact us now to discuss how we can bring your vision to life through our unparalleled photographic services.

"you will never know the value of a moment
until it becomes a memory”

Walking Gun, meet the photographer and his dog. Juniper Point 11-6-21-3460.jpg

About the Walking Gun

Welcome to Walking Gun Field Sports Photography, where passion intertwines with heritage and an unwavering commitment to preserving the essence of country pursuits. Growing up amidst the breathtaking landscape of Cornwall's West Country, I developed a natural affinity for the countryside, the ocean, and the timeless traditions that define them. Through my lens, I strive to capture the historic significance and natural beauty of these cherished moments, unveiling the passion, mystique, and unparalleled allure of our natural world.


My photography not only celebrates the picturesque landscapes and diverse wildlife that make our countryside so extraordinary but also pays homage to the dedicated individuals who uphold and safeguard these lands. With a deep-rooted reverence for tradition and heritage, I am honored to document the shared love and appreciation for our countryside, forging connections among individuals from all walks of life.


Spending over 110 days in the field in the UK each season before embarking on journeys in search of bigger game and hard fighting fish, our service spans from the rugged terrains of Alaska to the sun-kissed shores of Argentina, from tempting Atlantic Salmon in the wild cold rivers in Scandinavia to the dramatic Savannah and aww inspiring scale of South Africa capturing the timeless beauty and historic importance of country pursuits. Whether it's teams or individuals looking to capture their day or season in the field or families passing on traditions to the next generation or preserving the final outings of beloved companions, each image serves as a timeless tribute, cherished for generations to come with discretion and sensitivity.

If you have a significant birthday, a special event in the field, or simply a moment you wish to immortalize beyond the confines of a smartphone snapshot, please don't hesitate to reach out. Together, let's transform your cherished moments into enduring treasures that honor the rich legacy of country pursuits.

Below is a small sample of the images taken over the course of a season Produced for teams and individuals and recorded all over the UK and across Europe these clients have a permanent record of their day in the field, stream, river or hill both digitally and in print. 

Walking Gun - Portfolio


More and more brands are looking to position themselves and their products towards a specific targeted audience. When that audience are outdoors country people Walking Gun Photography can help create the type of images that are both stunning and authentic. This may mean your leather products are photographed in the rain and mud or your clothing is photographed in typical British weather that demonstrates its waterproof qualities and the people featured in our images nearly always have mud on their boots. Working with multinational brands and artisan craftsmen and women we aim to portray and position your brand and products in a authentic way that will resonate with your target audience.

Walking Gun - Building Brands

Building Brands

With a passion for the field and the pursuits we follow I can create real honest product shots for brands looking to sell that image to their clients. Real people in real countryside wearing and using real product as intended. The dogs are wet, the mud is real and the clothing will prove its waterproof. 

Walking Gun - The Lifestyle Collection

Lifestyle Collection