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Walking Gun best guns project produced for the Gun Room and country store in Ivybridge. Featuring Brownings best 24-2-21-8979.jpg

Providing a bespoke photographic service to clients and brands passionately involved in country pursuits including:

Fishing - Walking - Climbing - Shooting - Riding - Sailing - Rare Breed farming

Forestry - Historic motorsport & Performance sailing.

Across the UK, Europe and worldwide

Located in Devon in the United kingdom but found just about anywhere!​

Contact Us Now to discuss your shoot, show, race, ride or adventure!

"you will never know the value of a moment
until it becomes a memory”

Walking Gun, meet the photographer and his dog. Juniper Point 11-6-21-3460.jpg

About the Walking Gun

Growing up in the West Country on a smallholding in Cornwall which ran from our stables down to the sea I developed a passion and affinity for the country and the ocean and the pursuits I now record for others. I have been fortunate to have travelled the world and have found that country people where ever they are remain as passionate about conservation as they are about the field sports they enjoy.


My photography captures the passion, mystique and above all the beauty of our countryside and wildlife that makes it so special and the people who work tirelessly to protect and sustain the land over which they are custodians.

I am fortunate to spend my time with like minded people from all walks of life who come together to share their love of our countryside and a respect and appreciation for the history and traditions of a country, equine or nautical way of life and I am privileged to document for them of all time. While advances in technology mean we all seem to carry a mobile phone with a camera there are times that deserve more than a snatched selfie at the start of a drive and are of sufficient personal importance to be recorded properly, documented and printed and displayed as a long term memory long after phones have been upgraded and the images of your special day in the field lost amongst the thousands of other images.

In the 2021/22 season I recorded 102 days in the field, several of these were first days in the field for families introducing the next generation to the line and also had the privilege to record several last days in the field but while sad that these guns are no longer with us I pride myself that I produced for their family and friends a lasting memory of their loved ones in action, in the field, surrounded by friends doing what they love. 

If you have a significant birthday (or just a birthday) or a special event in the field that you feel deserves more than an iPhone snap please get in contact to discuss.

Below is a small sample of the images taken over the course of the Covid shortened 2021/22 season. Produced for teams and individuals and recorded all over the UK and across Europe these clients have a permanent record of their day in the field, stream, river or hill both digitally and in print. 

Walking Gun - Portfolio


More and more brands are looking to position themselves and their products towards a specific targeted audience. When that audience are outdoors country people Walking Gun Photography can help create the type of images that are both stunning and authentic. This may mean your leather products are photographed in the rain and mud or your clothing is photographed in typical British weather that demonstrates its waterproof qualities and the people featured in our images nearly always have mud on their boots. Working with multinational brands and artisan craftsmen and women we aim to portray and position your brand and products in a authentic way that will resonate with your target audience.

Walking Gun - Building Brands

Building Brands

With a passion for the field and the pursuits we follow I can create real honest product shots for brands looking to sell that image to their clients. Real people in real countryside wearing and using real product as intended. The dogs are wet, the mud is real and the clothing will prove its waterproof. 

Walking Gun - The Lifestyle Collection

Lifestyle Collection